"This is the place where you can actively build the business and develop yourself."

Sander van Wijk, Head of E-commerce
'Before I was approached by WE Fashion about two years ago, I had no idea that their e-commerce was so interesting. It feels like I'm working here in a mini-multinational, but manageable. The organization is currently going through a transition to online and is also investing heavily in this. Because of our extensive sales experience in the stores and the associated ten years of data, we have been able to make smart choices in time, giving us an advantage over many other online retailers. For me, as Head of E-commerce, that forms a very good, solid basis for further development and growth.
Focus on online
At WE Fashion, we want to generate two-thirds of our turnover from online within five years, so from our own webshop and those of our international online partners such as Zalando and About You. On our website we also sell other brands ourselves: Brands WE Loves. This allows us to complement our own product range with brands that are relevant to our customers. For example, we do not sell shoes ourselves; so we can produce shoes, but we can also sell shoes from brands that we know are good at it. We want to be the store that consumers can trust when it comes to fashion. We look at trends, but we don't follow them blindly. Our focus is on quality: how do we ensure the longevity of our clothes and therefore the smallest possible ecological footprint?
"WE Fashion offers people with little experience many opportunities very quickly."
There is still a lot to be gained within WE Fashion's e-commerce, but at the same time this means that the frameworks have not yet been defined and there is room for a lot of personal input and responsibility. The organization offers people with limited experience many opportunities, which makes our e-commerce the place where you can actively build the business and develop yourself. What we do today will never be the same as what we do next week. We also have a real test and learn mentality: 'Why don't we just test this? It also means that mistakes can be made, as long as you learn from them.
Learning and development
Entrepreneurship is rewarded and growth is encouraged at WE Fashion. We support you 100%, but you have to seize your own opportunities. Since our e-commerce is still in full development, learning is now mainly on the job. Fortunately, we have many specialists and experienced people in house, from whom you can learn a lot. Working in e-commerce at WE Fashion means doing a lot, learning and improving, and therefore gaining experience, seizing opportunities and growing.


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