"If you have talent and drive, there is really room for your ambitions."

Gaëlle Le Bolès, Marketplace Account Specialist
When I did my internship as a Buying Intern at WE Fashion during my studies, I was so enthusiastic about the team, the atmosphere and the company that I already approached them for a job during my thesis. And with success, because I could immediately get started as a Buying Assistant. In five years' time, I have grown into the role of Buyer and was recently promoted to Marketplace Account Specialist. At WE Fashion we work with various online partners, and I am commercially responsible for Wehkamp and Kleertjes, among others. Will the weather be good? Then I'll run a promo for our swimming shorts and make the translation to Wehkamp and Kleertjes.
Working in current affairs
It is all going very fast and I’m in the middle of current affairs. For example, if there is Champions League football on TV, we immediately see that women start shopping online. With various marketing tools and analyses, we try to maximize the sales performance together with our online partners. Based on data, I can find out who our Wehkamp and Kleertjes customers are and what their wish for. For example, it makes sense for Wehkamp's customer group to offer larger sizes. In this way we are constantly looking for new opportunities.
“If I compare that to my former fellow students, I have been able to make several career steps much faster”
Although it was quite a leap of faith, the position of Marketplace Account Specialist suits me very well. Qualities I developed when I was a Buyer, such as communication, negotiation and commercial thinking, also come in handy in my current role. The fact that I have grown so much in just a few years is not unusual at WE Fashion. If you have talent and drive, room is really made for your ambitions. If I compare that to my former fellow students, I have been able to make several career steps much faster.
Endless possibilities
I had no experience in e-commerce, but I still got the chance to develop myself in that area. E-commerce is rapidly developing into a mature business unit with endless possibilities, and I am actually growing along with it. As a result, I have quickly been given a lot of responsibility and have been able to do some great projects. You don't see the same opportunities and flexibility in other, more established online retailers. Moreover, you can easily make contact with other departments and there is little hierarchy. For example, the CEO came up to me to congratulate me on my new position. That does something to you. You are seen ánd heard here.


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